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Seeking Direction?

Are you feeling lost and directionless? Trouble finding the right partner, or are you questioning whether your partner is the one? When was the last time you felt your life had real meaning? Do you have a feeling that there is something wrong, like an itch you just can't scratch, something you can feel but can’t quite put your finger on it? Does your life feel like a maze and you’re stuck going around in circles endlessly? 

When was the last time you really felt heard and understood? 

When was the last time you really felt like the authentic you, no ifs or buts?

What if I were to tell you that there is a way to follow your hearts desires and become the person you want to be?

Imagine being able to have a firm direction in life. To know what you want and what you need in others. To know you’re living life to the fullest with all the meaning and experiences you deserve. What would you give to achieve this right now - what is this worth to you?  A thousand pounds? One million?

Imagine a life of calm serenity where everything is mapped out clear as the light of day. It seems quite obvious what we would prefer, doesn’t it?

I’ll let you into a trade secret - in reality, the answer is quite straightforward and simple to achieve - let me show you how using 5-state change hypnotherapy


The Solution 

We have been helping people reach their goals and achieve their dreams successfully through hypnosis for many years.

Hypnotherapy has been proven scientifically to help people affect change and establish new and lasting beliefs and habits. These are stored in our unconscious mind, which we are able to communicate with directly via hypnosis. I am able to expertly interface with your subconscious mind,  utilising your beliefs and desire for change to make long lasting lifestyle alterations. 

All it takes is a minimum of five sessions with our expert hypnotherapist under your guidance to realise effective and ongoing changes.


Why 5-state change hypnotherapy works

We have identified that there are 5 main states of change that a person must progress through to realise their personal development and life goals. Our solution is based around these 5 main principles for a successful therapeutic outcome, and they are presented as individual separate sessions of personal psychotherapy:

  1. The Solution

  2. Timeline Healing

  3. Mindscaping

  4. Confidence & self-esteem

  5. Life with values

Welcome the new you into the world today - Jo-therapy’s 5-state change hypnotherapy will change your life for the better. 


5-State Change Breakdown


1. The Solution

This is where you want to be. The ideal you, all glammed up and ready to party. This is the person we are going to craft out of your goals and desires. But to know the person we create, we have to know the person we are deep down.

2. Timeline Healing

We put you into a trance and follow your feelings back to the original pivotal event(s) of your life. To understand who you really are, at the core being of your person.  This is the real authentic you.


3. Mindscaping

We’ll then take a walk in your unconscious mind, together. This frames you’re past experiences behind you present self, whilst looking towards the future we want to help create.

4. Confidence and Self-Esteem

Here we bust through any low self esteem using custom hypnosis confidence building scripts. You’ll come out feeling like a million dollars and walking tall like you never have before.


5. Life With Values

In the final wrap up session, we incorporate our custom life-with-values personalised hypnosis expertise. This confirms your personal core values and attributes, giving you a clear sense of self, your own values and goals that you can then take into the wide world with a smile on your face like never before.

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