Hi, I am very much like you.

I have also been lost in the labyrinth of the mind, feeling submerged in darkness, lost, directionless and hopeless. Questioning life itself and all that it had to offer or didn't. Not knowing which way to go, catastrophising and failing to see the joy or positivity in everything. Feeling that there had to be a different path to walk, although failing to see this as an option. Being confined to expectations both from a personal and business level, failing to see an option to do anything more meaningful in my life. Often feeling unheard and unseen.

There is however hope. Through hypnotherapy I was too able to help pull myself out of this grey mist that was consuming me and now I can help you too.

How will you create your path out of your labyrinth? How will you ensure you're seen and heard? How will you follow your heart and dreams?

I am a highly regarded hypnotherapist and I pride myself in empowering you to take back control of your life and future in the quickest time possible.

I specialise solely in online therapy. As I am an expert in this field, we can build very best of a therapeutic relationship, from the comfort of your own home. Where we can explore and identify any current problems you may have, in a non-judgmental environment where you can feel safe, heard and respected. I help to empower you, enabling you to reach your goal and solution in the quickest time possible. I am available throughout the day and weekends and I am here to help you.

I constantly engage in personal development as I am fully dedicated to helping you and to provide you with the best therapy. I gained my certificate in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy from the prestigious National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, as well as the certificate in Online Therapy. I also have a degree in Information Security and therefore take your data security and confidentiality very seriously.

In my time, I enjoy hiking and exploring. I love travelling and am very lucky to have visited many countries in Europe. I also love nothing more than relaxing in the evening with a fictional crime fiction book.

Qualifications, Awards and memberships:

  • Certificate Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (NCHP)

  • Certificate in Online Therapy (NCHP)

  • Certified Ultimate Stop Smoking Practitioner

  • Diploma (Distinction) Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

  • Diploma (Distinction) Insomnia Practitioner

  • DipHe Mental Health Nursing (University of the West of England)

  • BScHons Information Security (University of Newport, Wales)​

I am Jo-Therapy and I look forward to working with you, wherever you are



+44 7308 646501

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