Anxiety Buster Program

Take Back Control Today!

Are you plagued by worry, dread, and or apprehension about an upcoming event or possible ocassion?

Is there something in your past, which is holding you back, and no matter what you do it just keeps rearing its ugly head?

Maybe you have to give a presentation and the sheer thought of it terrifies you and brings you out in a hot sweat!

Or perhaps you're about to take a flight and the sheer thought of it scares you and makes you incredibly anxious.

Or maybe you just can't put your finger on it but you're always in a state of turmoil and it feels that your whole body goes into some sort of shock, affecting your breathing, causing palpitations and hot sweats. 

Anxiety can present itself in SO many different ways...

Some of it will be fear, dread, etc about a future event and some will be in response to a past event that has already happened.

What if I told you that there is however a way to manage all this turmoil of emotions, feelings, and physical responses...

I have developed an incredibly successful and highly regarded anxiety buster program that puts you back in the driving seat, so to speak. Empowering you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to stop it in its tracks before it can and continues to take hold of you!

So what are you waiting for...


The Solution

This program is all about empowering you to become the person you've also wanted to be. It will help you to overcome any past trauma that may be holding you back and or any future apprehension about a future event can be reduced significantly and in some situations diminished completely.

You will be shown a whole host of different tools and techniques so you can boast an arsenal of resources that you can use whenever you wish in the future.

The reason I over-deliver is not only because I truly believe you're worth it and deserve the very best life possible, but it's because not one shoe fits all. We are all different, it's what makes us interesting and likewise, some tools will work for some people and others will have a different preference. This program will therefore provide you with the confidence that you have a secret weapon(s) with you at all times now going forward.

Once you have your anxiety firmly under your control. Let's look at how to get you on your right path towards the life you've always wanted and craved, after all the anxiety is no longer holding you back, so what is your excuse...


Ready to take back control?


Why it Works!

This program is SO effective that when you use the tools taught you often enough, your brain slowly starts to rewire itself. You can therefore stop anxiety in its tracks, altering your neuroplasticity and successfully reducing all unnecessary anxiety from your life. 

The more you use the tools, the more you become your own anxiety expert and gain control over your life where you used to feel powerless.

Imagine being so stable and calm, now that you have finally put all this anxiety to rest how different will life be?

Some people find this program so revolutionary that they can't wait to teach loved ones all the tools and techniques that they have learned, so they too can feel peace and gain control of their life.

However we don't just stop there, this program stands alone in the fact it also helps you to understand and uncover what your core values are, what is truly important to you.

Once you have the insight into these values (your underpinning), you also know how to shape your future and truly start on your journey of happiness, calm, control, and security, or however you imagine and desire...

So take control of your life, you have the right and deserve to have a good life!

Imagine waking up every morning feeling like you can take on the world, with no anxiety, fear, sweats, apprehension, or anxiety. How great does that feel? Again, how great doesthat feel...


Anxiety Buster Program Breakdown


1. What Is Anxiety

Within this session, we will explore the science of anxiety and its presenting symptoms are discussed. This enables you to simply understand what it is you're experiencing both mentally and physically.

Once you identify the anxiety program that you're currently running and doing unconsciously, you can then be empowered to change, adapt, or eliminate it completely. I will successfully armour you with all the tools to enable you to do this in all areas of your life.


2. Time Machine

For many people anxiety presents itself as a future fear, worry, and or concern such as a fear of flying or giving a public presentation.

For others, it can be as a result of some past event or trauma, which is still hanging on and you desperately want to put behind you but unsure how.

This session then lets us take a time machine either to a past or a future event that is causing you distress and or anxiety. We can then reduce all the negative associations with that experience, whilst still keeping the important lessons you may have learned and eventually take back the control so it no longer controls you!


3. Gathering Internal Resources

Whilst a certain degree of anxiety is essential in order to keep us safe and to help protect us, at times our amygdala (part of our brain) can be triggered unnecessarily and have unwanted side effects as it believes we are in danger, when in fact you are not.

As this is perfectly normal and I believe everyone will struggle with a certain level of anxiety at some point in their lives, there are many tools and techniques that can help us to reduce these unwanted symptoms.

Both this and the next session will explore and help teach you some of these tools that you can feel empowered to use and also teach others to use, to bring you back the control of your life.




Importance of sleep


4. Further Gathering of Resources

This session continues to build upon the tools and resources you learned in the previous week. My mission is to armour you with enough tools and techniques, so you can stop anxiety in its track, without having any of the negative effects.

These tools will then continue to help serve you, whilst you to become more and more effective at using them and every day in more control of your life and your future.

Visualisation technique



Pattern Interrupts


5. Designing Your Perfect Life

Our values are what underpins all our behaviours and help us make our life-changing decisions, but are you even aware of what your values are?

Within this session, we explore and break them down to a granular level so you understand what's important to you at your core level and how to shape your future life with these at the heart of everything you do. How else can you truly have a perfect life, if you do not understand follow what YOU truly want in life...


6. Your Future Starts Now!

Lets take a journey in our final session and move over or past any remaining blockers that may be in your path.

This is your future, I am your guide, this is your journey!