When was the last time you truly felt free?

When was the last time you felt YOU?

And how do you want to feel? because all of this is within your grasp...


Just imagine...

Take a deep breath and imagine a place where you can be YOU!

In total peace, calm, and tranquility...

Hearing the sound of the Loch, maybe even dipping your toes in its cool refreshing embrace...

Feeling the wind against your skin, reviving your whole body and senses.

Maybe you feel like taking the boat out and having a leisurely sail or even casting the net to try to hook a trout...

With your own personal hypnotherapist available to provide cost-effective programs.

How great does that feel?

Yes, this does exist and you can experience it!

Wildlife including:

Birds of Prey



Loch-side and on private walkway down to the shorefront

Fishing rights for 3 Lochs

Total Privacy

Dog friendly

When was the last time you were free?


Ever think, when do i get time for me?!

So often are we caught in the daily grind of life, that we never allow time to take a step back and think what is it we want or even need.

How about an opportunity to go on holiday for a short break in one of the most beautiful places on the planet - the Highlands of Scotland. Whilst there have 2 sessions of hypnotherapy tailored to your individual needs, enabling you to shape and work towards the future of your choosing. You will also be taught some self-hypnosis techniques, so you can continue the fantastic changes throughout your onward journey, making your own changes as and when you require - lets put you back in control and the driving seat !

I offer both a single option as well as couples and there is always a discount for groups - just drop me an email to enquire.


Overscaig House


Your Own Personal Lochside Haven

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Where Paradise and self empowerment come together