• Joanne Bergmann-Goodhall

Overcoming Phobias

Many people experience phobias, and they are increasingly common in modern life as people have become more anxious. A phobia is an irrational fear, which is presented without reason or justification. If you are experiencing a phobia you may feel an unwanted response to many stimulus, including objects, people, animals and situations, to name a few.

The actual physical response is also called the stress response. Some people describe this is as 'living with fear' or having butterflies, experiencing a fight-or-flight response to run away from whatever is triggering this episode!

Hypnotherapists can treat phobias such as:

  • confined spaces

  • dentists

  • dogs

  • flying

  • heights

  • needles

  • pregnancy

  • sickness

  • spiders and other insects

  • water

Most phobias are based on an irrational fear that is rooted in a learned behavior, usually from a parent or primary caregiver, sometimes (but not always) via a traumatic event. As a young person we are conditioned to learn from our environment, so when as a child you see your parent have an altercation with a barking, loud dog and they get bitten for example, this can imprint that Dogs are dangerous, and hard-wire this as a learned response in your brain. Over time this message can be re-enforced - by example always avoiding dogs as they *could* be dangerous, leading to the re-affirmation of the initial traumatic event and it's corresponding response.

So how do we go about treating phobias?

The hypnotherapist will look at your symptoms and evaluate the impact and severity of the exhibited phobia. They will use a combination of techniques to pinpoint the origination of your fears, whilst making sure you the client is relaxed and calm throughout. The hypnotherapist will also reduce your phobic response to the triggers, and this will enable you to increase your ability to remain calm and focused when presented with these trigger events.

If you are experiencing any phobias or want to talk to someone about your phobias, please contact us at or visit to get yourself back on track.

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