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Is Self - Confidence Treatable with Hypnotherapy?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

self confidence

Low self-confidence plagues many people. Threatening everything from our appearance to our confidence in our capabilities, self-confidence has a very real impact on our daily lives. Lack of confidence can hold us back personally and professionally. How we feel about ourselves is often influenced by our past experiences, both positive and negative. The things we experience in our everyday lives, how we - and those around us - react to those events, can all have a significant impact on how we view ourselves and the world around us. How we see ourselves may be influenced by friends, family, colleagues, peers, or even the media. Big, memorable events such as a traumatic experience can have a significant impact, and can cause our sense of belief in ourselves to lower, leading to lower confidence. Improving your self-confidence is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself feel better on a daily basis, and hypnotherapy is one of the strongest tools available to assist you in your journey to overcoming self-doubt and insecurities.


While self-confidence and self-esteem are usually linked, they are not the same thing. Self confidence refers to the way we feel about our ability to carry out tasks and roles, while self-esteem refers to the way we feel about ourselves - the way we look, behave and think. Having said this, people with low self-esteem can have confidence in certain areas and those with high self-esteem may lack confidence in certain areas. Having confidence in your abilities does not mean performing tasks perfectly. A big part of having self-confidence is knowing how to deal with mistakes when they occur. Having confidence can make a huge difference in our abilities to problem solve and deal with stress, especially in your career and relationships.

self confidence

Lacking confidence at work can stop you from voicing your opinion and trying new things. This can hinder your progression and stunt your development. Building confidence at work can help you reach your full potential and ensure your voice is heard. Relationships are also at risk when you have no confidence. When you have low self-confidence it can affect your relationships with friends, family and partners. It may hold you back from meeting people or cause you to isolate yourself socially. Improving this can help you feel more comfortable in social environments and begin to feel as though you can begin to build genuine relationships with others.

confidence hypnosis

If you feel you could benefit from building your confidence, hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to make a positive, long-lasting change. Hypnotherapy can help some people improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. By accessing your unconscious mind, or inner voice, I help you start to take control about how you are feeling about yourself, working with you to discover what may have caused you to develop low-confidence, and helping you to feel more confident. As well as being able to help improve your overall confidence, hypnotherapy can help improve your confidence and self-belief around specific areas, such as in work or relationships, or to boost your confidence around a specific goal such as seeking a promotion at work or going on a first date. No matter your issue, together we can resolve it and restore your confidence so you can return to the world as a new, confident individual.

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