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Why you can't afford NOT to stop smoking!

stop smoking

Smoking is a habit from days gone by that unfortunately still has many people firmly in its grip. Despite scientific proof of the numerous dangerous and often deadly consequences of smoking nicotine and tobacco products, some people just can’t seem to leave cigarettes behind. When you’re faced with the hopeless choice between compulsion and your personal health, it’s time to seek intervention. Hypnotherapy has proven to be a reliable treatment method for those looking to quit smoking. With my expertise and certifications from the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, I provide qualified and experienced care that centers on giving you autonomy and helping you make the decision to quit smoking today.

Smoking is primarily a habit, an involuntary action of muscle memory that many lifelong smokers perform without even thinking about it. (1) Like other addictions, nicotine and tobacco leave users with an outwardly imperceptible high that increases energy and motivation, at least momentarily. When seeking to quit, most users need to work on consciously interrupting a subconscious cycle, something that can be effectively tackled through hypnotherapy.

Jo-Therapy helps people quit smoking in the fastest, easiest and most effective way that is possible. Many people believe that they have been smoking for so long, that they have resigned themselves to the belief that it is now too late – however that is not the case! Regardless of how many cigarettes you smoke, or how long you have been smoking, it will only take a maximum of 90 minutes to take that amount down to 0, with our highly specialized advanced hypnosis session.

Our sessions are different as we actually help you to remove the desire for cigarettes completely. As a result, we find that people do not substitute the smoking with alternative unhealthy things, such as overeating, which makes this smoking cessation stand out from all the others.

The price of the stop smoking hypnosis program is currently discounted at 20%, however this will only be temporary (usual fee is £350), which of course includes a free back up in the unlikely event that you’ll ever need it.

Some people state they cannot afford the stop smoking session, however even if you are an average mid-scale smoker, you will spend roughly £280 within the next 3 weeks. Then if you round that up to a year, that is a shocking £5000. Therefore, if you subtract the cost of this treatment from your yearly spend, you actually save in excess of £4,500! Not only are you allowing your body to repair, you’re also keeping a lot more money in your back pocket, and therefore it is the best investment in yourself both physically and financially that you can make. You can’t afford NOT to stop smoking.

What makes us stand out is that we are highly experienced and understand that many people smoke, due to stress/anxiety and/or pain. When people are experiencing such emotional or physical pain, it often influences them in justifying their habit for smoking. Therefore, if you become free of that pain and or stress, then often you can feel such a relief. This is where we stand out, at the beginning of the session, we eliminate any stress and or pain before actually starting the treatment itself. By removing this initial blocker or problem, paves the way to your success in stopping smoking.

It’s never too late to quit- regain your life and vigor by contacting me to set up a hypnotherapy session today to get you the treatment you deserve.


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