Holiday Happiness - Handmade relaxation candle

Holiday Happiness - Handmade relaxation candle

Holiday Happiness - the essential new fragrance from Jo-Therapy. It was designed around our new feature 'wavy wick' that gives a decadent scent, for up to 50 hours of burn time.


Holidays are the best of our relaxation times - we purpously take time out to spend precious moments with friends and family,  and happiness is always the result. With a devine blend of banana bread, combined with a nutty aroma, it's like waking up tp the smell of freshly baked banana bread, as it wafts over the warm breeze into the bedroom. Enveolping and inviting, reminissing over holdiays past, counjering up images of holidays future, but bringing yourself back to the present with the envolping scent.


Each of our Relaxation candles is perfectly blended by the scent experts at Qualis-est. Made of 100% Vegan Soy wax, hand poured with wooden wicks that crackle and sparkle. Candles are 30cl in size and burn for approx. 50 hours.




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