I'm a kink friendly hypnotherapist

Have you ever felt lost, uncertain about how you were supposed to act or feel from a sexual perspective? Did this cause you endless amounts of anxiety, fear, apprehension and or depressive thoughts?

Have you struggled with your sexuality, desperately not trying to put a label on yourself whilst so many people around you find their own comfort in doing so.

Maybe you even became the family outcast as a result- not spoken of or about at family gatherings, as if you were long forgotten. 

Maybe you were told that sex was dirty, that we shouldn't be naked and that men only had one thing on their minds!

You may be kinky and as a result find yourself living a lie, or a double life away from family and or friends. You may have developed guilt and shame as a result and or gained an unhealthy porn addiction.

Maybe as a result of your upbringing you have anxiety around sex, which could be preventing you from having a relationship and or causing you pain or premature ejaculation with intercourse.

Perhaps you're so anxious, that your'e putting a great deal of pressure and stress on yourself to perform, which can be counterproductive in the long run.

Have you tried to step into shoes that aren't yours, to live up to societal and family norms and requirements?

I have walked in similar shoes to you, I understand, you're not alone, I hear you, I see you and together we can work towards your sexual freedom.


43% of men and 31% of women are affected by some form of sexual dysfunction

A sexual dysfunction can happen at any point in your life. Prohibiting or restricting your ability to reach sexual satisfaction.

Most sexual disfunctions have both a physical and a psychological element to them which can be addressed through hypnotherapy.  We can together get to the root cause of what the problem and or issue is and together we can deal with it and hence reduce any associated anxiety with it. Hypnotherapy can be used to help treat psycho-sexual disorders and it can make long lasting change at not just a logic conscious level but at a subconscious level, which is where the longer and more lasting effects take place.

In doing the you will get you confidence back both in yourself, your performance, your libido and your overall satisfaction.

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So what is a sexual Dysfunction

A sexual dysfunction is an individuals or a couples inability to reach climax or satisfaction during a sexual encounter. This can manifest throughout all stages of a sexual encounter from libido and passion to desire, arousal and orgasm/satisfaction.

Many of us at some point in our lives will feel a lack of confidence in the bedroom, in our own skin, question our ability or even our sexuality and or preferences. we can question the amount or lack of sex that we desire.

Whilst the tv and media presents fantastic passionate sex scenes, this isn't always the case of screen. There is also a large range of erotic fiction and pornography which again can present a misrepresentation of what sex is, what is required of you and what you should be feeling or experiencing. All of this can lead to many anxiety related problems such as male erectile disfunction and female vaginismus, anorgasmia and even anxiety over own performance or expected performance. All of this can cause a devastating on a relationship or our own level of confidence and perception of ourselves.


Sex is perfectly normal and is one of our core human needs

Whilst is sex is completely normal and part of our everyday adult lives, some of us can often feel it has a darker or even dirtier side to it. Often how sexual we are or a lack of libido, performance or satisfaction can be as a result of deep ingrained beliefs usually from childhood, such as sex is dirty. Or an anxiety surrounding some part of it which then can impact our libido, performance and satisfaction.

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“Good sex is like a good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.”

Mae West


Great news, hypnotherapy can help!

Hypnosis enables us to get to the root cause of the disfunction. By tuning into your your subconscious we are able to move past any trauma, anxiety or concerns that may be in the way of you achieving sexual orgasm and satisfaction.

Making the essential changes at your subconscious level ensure long lasting change for you.

Some of the common female sexual issues that I help with:

  • Vaginismus

  • Anorgasmia

  • Loss of libido

  • Painful sex

  • Hyper arousal disorder

Some of the common male sexual issues that I help with:

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • premature ejaculation

  • Anorgasmia

  • Low libido

  • Sexual confidence

  • Porn addiction


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Sexual Freedom Hypnotherapy Session

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Sexual Freedom Intense Session

An intense session lasting 3-4 hours

Sexual Freedom x3 Session Package

A package of x3 sessions


Sexual Freedom x6 Package

x6 sessions of specialist Sexual Liberation Hypnotherapy