What Does The Ideal You Look Like?

We Can Make This Happen!


I am different to everyone else!

I help people in the fastest, easiest and most effective way possible. You will not only lose your weight and reduce your size - but you'll also keep it off for good!!

It doesn't matter how long you've been overweight, the reasons behind the weight, your habits or beliefs, I can still help you achieve effective and long-lasting weight loss!

The advanced hypnosis sessions help to remove all desire and cravings for unhealthy foods. Whilst targeting and addressing all your beliefs and habits which are stored in your unconscious mind. Along with building your confidence and self-esteem.

You can achieve not only the body you deserve but the confidence to go with it, boom!

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What I do differently

I often hear that people start to overeat or eat turn to unhealthy foods due to stress, anxiety, control or comfort. Whether this pain or distress is physical, emotional or both it can help us to justify our need to continue overeating or eating unhealthy food.

This is what sets me apart from other hypnotherapists. I tackle that stress and or pain head-on and help to reduce it. This often results in a feeling of relief and a lighter feeling, which then, in turn, paves the way to you losing weight, but also changing the habits and beliefs along with building your confidence at the same time. You can achieve effective and lasting weight loss - so what's stopping you?

Cream and Black Natural Makeup Beauty Lo
Cream and Black Natural Makeup Beauty Lo

What's stopping you being your ideal weight?

A hypnotherapeutic gastric band can be “fitted” on any patient, with no fear of exaggerating existing health conditions. As a hypnotherapist offering gastric band hypnotherapy, my role is to guide your subconscious into believing that you’ve had a physical band placed around your stomach, reducing its size.

I start by helping you identify the root causes of your eating. Emotional eating is often responsible for many people’s weight gain. A common way of coping with challenging or upsetting emotions is to reach for comfort food, no matter how unhealthy it may be.

By disrupting the cycle of emotional eating and providing you with safe and healthier alternative coping mechanisms, we treat the underlying issue and help rewrite your subconscious eating habits. I can help you take back control of your habits.

Let's worth together to reach your goal 


Ready to take back control?!


Virtual Band packages to suit every budget!

The Full Personal Online Virtual Band Package

An effective and alternative way of losing weight and keeping it off! 

This remarkable and effective form of hypnosis works by convincing your brain that you've had a gastric band fitted and therefore you reduce the amount of food you eat.

What sets us apart - we fit the virtual gastric band on your first session !! Then every subsequent session helps strengthen it even more, making it even more effective as we are able to reduce any blockages or challenges that may come your way during the programme. 


1. You have the virtual gastric band fitted on day 1 and therefore start to see the weight loss straight away.

2. Also, it gives us an opportunity to reduce any challenges and or blockages that may come your way whilst on the programme.

Has there ever been a better time to shape the new you!


Fully Personalised Virtual Gastric Band Recordings

I also offer a fully personalised virtual band recording package. This is fully customised for your Individual needs. You're able to download and listen to the recording whenever suits you, how often suits and wherever ever suits you - really putting in the driving seat and in control of how and when you want to start your weight loss journey !!

What sets us apart - Our recording works with and alongside your own personal needs and challenges - what works for one person, will not necessarily work for another, so why would you settle and even pay for such a service !! 

Get your customised and fully personalised virtual gastric band recording today and start to lose weight now!!