Weight Management Program

Is there an outfit or item of clothing that you SO desperately want to wear...

Maybe there is a special event coming up and you want to look incredible and feel confident in your own body and skin...

Or maybe you're desperate to lose the excess weight for health reasons and or pressure from your loved ones...

Whatever your reason or reasons are, you are not alone!

I have helped many many people manage the weight and become the shape and size they so badly desire and you are NO different.

Just think about it for a moment...

What is it you want to wear or fit into...

How will you feel being that size...

How healthy will you be...

How will your life be better...

This is all achievable through this program and yet so much more, you can feel fantastic and look amazing in such a short period of time!


The Solution

This program is broken down into four sessions of approx 1-1.5 hours.

These sessions are tailored for you so that you get the maximum benefit at the exact right time for you! So there is no definitive week by week schedule.

At the core of the program are four main elements, which if all are in place effectively not only will the weight just fall away but you'll feel amazing at the same time!

All the sessions are also recorded, so you can continue to listen to them between and following the program, further helping to cement your success and weight loss.



Why It Works!

We will focus on what it is you truly want to achieve from this program. This is the most important part I believe and sadly something many other hypnotherapists leave out.

Once we both understand what your desire is, we can then discover what the current blockers or limitations are, so that we can move past, amend and bust through them - just as you will be busting all that unwanted fat away!

This program is so effective as it focuses on your beliefs in relation to food and whether they are productive or counterproductive whilst also looking at your eating habits. This then allows us through hypnosis to install new healthier eating beliefs and habits in line with what you wish. 

What stands us out from the rest of the crowd is not only do I tackle the weight and your metabolism head-on, I also ensure you're confidence and self-esteem are also increasing alongside. Some people say it's like having specialist weight management but with a warm duvet.


Weight Management Program Breakdown


Metabolic Rate

How healthy are you?

Do you become unwell easily?

Are you often tired?

Hypnosis to improve and boost your metabolism.


Eating Habits

Are there any regular eating routines or cycles?

What are your current eating habits?

What habits would you actually like in place of the existing habits?

Hypnosis to help you to install new healthier eating habits.


Eating Beliefs

What are your beliefs about food and dietary intake?

Where do these beliefs originate from?

Are they healthy or unhealthy beliefs?

Hypnosis to help you to install new healthy eating and dietary beliefs.


Confidence & Self-esteem

Now that you're losing all the weight and feeling great, let's boost your confidence and self-esteem as well through hypnosis.

Both physically and mentally feeling healthier, slimmer, and more confident to show the world the new YOU!


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